Do You Get Cravings?

It’s ok, we all get the munchies at times. You can be sat there between meals and suddenly get a craving to have a rummage through the fridge and cupboards to see what there is to snack on. It then becomes a mental battle between the two voices in your head. One telling you it’ll be ok, just go and get a little something to have a nibble on; the other begging you to be strong and not to give in…
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The Death Of The Cheat Meal

We’ve all been there. Started a diet with the best intentions. We will stick to it this time; all we’ll eat is ‘clean’ food; no chocolate, no cakes, no bread, no glass of wine or 2 in the evening. This is it… all or nothing, hardcore approach, cold turkey. Let’s go!

Then you’re barely 2 days in and all you can think about is how long you’ve still go to go before you’re allowed some bread, chocolate, cake, wine again!?

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Eat Clean Or Count Calories?

As the ‘clean eating’ approach becomes more popular and gets spread more across social media, it is prompting more people to forget about calories and just focus on what foods they are eating.

Don’t get me wrong, I think getting people to focus on what they are eating and the quality, volume and variety of foods and nutrients in their diets is a great thing.

For me, where the problem comes is when the idea that if you are only eating ‘clean’ foods, means you don’t need to worry about calories.

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