Steps To Start Managing Stress

On a daily basis we face things that will be a stress to us. There's no getting away from that. It's not a bad thing either. In the short term, a stress is an external stimulus that we adapt to, our brain realises this and it knows how to deal with it the next time.

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Why Eating Less Might Be Bad Advice

I often speak to people in the gym who are struggling to lose weight and get in shape.

"So what do you struggle with?" I ask,

"That's easy, I just eat too much!" they reply,

"I just need to cut down my portion sizes, it's that simple really"

Well is it?

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Healthy KFC Style Wraps

I'm pretty excited about this one!

These healthy KFC style chicken wraps taste amazing and only a fraction of the calorie content (and probably higher in protein and nutrients) than the Colonel's original recipe ones

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A Word On Sugar Addiction

While out with friends at the weekend, I was asked my opinion on sugar. 

"So what are your thoughts on Sugar? Should we ban it?"

"No, I don't actually have a problem with it" I replied,

"Ok refined sugar, that's the bad stuff sin't it?"

"Well kind of, but again, I don't think sugar itself is the problem, it's the amount of it we eat" I said

"Yeah but we eat loads of it because we get addicted to it don't we..."

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Quit Quitting!

So you're following your diet. You're fighting hard to stick to it, resisting the temptations of the biscuits doing the rounds in the office, stopping yourself pinching a few chips off the kids plates at dinner time, and avoiding meeting up with your friends so you're not pressured into having a few drinks. Everything is going well for a while, but eventually it becomes too much. 'Willpower' starts to give out and you give in. Suddenly half a box of chocolates has disappeared!?

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